When it comes to becoming a commercial pilot, there is no one “right” type of person to do the job. Commercial pilots are a varied group of individuals, each with unique backgrounds, strengths, and personalities. The number one requirement for becoming a commercial pilot is the desire to do so in the first place. As a leader in commercial pilot training, we have witnessed countless individuals pass through our program and head on to a successful career in piloting.

While there are numerous types of people who make for excellent pilots, there are a few key qualities that will help you stand out from the rest. Check out these top qualities of outstanding pilots.

#1: A Desire to Learn

First and foremost, to become a talented pilot, you need the desire to learn. From your initial commercial pilot training to ongoing type rating training, you need to have a constant wish to better yourself and improve your knowledge base. An outstanding pilot is someone who believes there is always something more to be learned. This person will have a teachable attitude and will not be afraid to grow.

Before you enroll in your first class, ask yourself if you are willing to accept constructive criticism in order to better yourself as a pilot. Don’t lose this learners attitude once you start your career, but rather, allow yourself to constantly improve over time.

#2: A Committed Attitude

Becoming a pilot is not for the faint of heart. You will study, train, study, and train some more. Your hours will be long and the work will, at times, feel unending. A quality of an outstanding pilot is a committed attitude. You need to be 100 percent, all-in or you won’t find success. A committed attitude means showing up every day ready to work. It means sacrificing for the sake of doing better.

A committed pilot doesn’t stop after training ends. They continue to work hard and they show up to their job every single day ready to keep their passengers safe and to deliver a phenomenal experience. This level of commitment is what sets extraordinary pilots apart from ordinary.

#3: A Strong Work Ethic

Similar to the above point about commitment, an outstanding pilot will display a strong work ethic. This person will work hard at all times, no matter who is or isn’t watching. This work ethic will drive you to go above and beyond the call of duty. It will mean the difference between simply doing what you are told and being proactive in your job.

If you are someone who has always been praised for your work ethic, becoming a pilot will be an excellent fit. This work ethic will take you to great places as you rise above the competition. Even the most skilled pilot will pale in comparison to one who displays an unending desire to work hard.

#4: A High Level of Integrity

As a commercial pilot, you will be entrusted with a lot. Thousands of people will count on you constantly to deliver on promises and to do your best. An outstanding pilot will be one with a high level of integrity. This means doing the right thing no matter what. This means sacrificing your own personal gain for the betterment of those who rely on you.

With great responsibility comes great reward. If you are someone who takes the high road and strives to always do what is right, you will find that you stand out from the crowd and will go far professionally.

#5: An Ability to Lead

Finally, being an outstanding commercial pilot requires an ability to lead. This doesn’t mean that you have to be someone who was born with the desire to lead others, but rather that you are someone committed to being a good leader. Anyone can learn to lead if they desire to do so. A good leader is someone who learns, adapts, grows, and humbly leads those around them. As a commercial pilot, your team will be counting on you for your strong leadership skills. Make sure that during training, you not only focus on learning how to fly a plane but that you also focus on learning how to lead a team.

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