When it comes to improving your credentials and making yourself a more marketable commercial airline pilot, a self-sponsored Boeing 737 type rating course is the perfect way to do that. With our Boeing type rating courses, you can accelerate your career by having the credentials needed to fly the single most common commercial plane in the world. With over 10,000 units produced, the 737 is a staple of every major airline. While there have been some hiccups with the 737 MAX, the 737 family isn’t going away anytime soon. 


Our Pilot Training Center

Alliance Aviation’s pilot training center offers one of the widest networks of 737 full-flight simulators in the US. In Miami, We are proud to work directly with the Boeing Training Center which is the largest in the America region, It is located just north of Miami International Airport, just west of downtown Miami and a few blocks away from Alliance Aviation, at our training center in Dallas  

This 134,000-square-foot facility has space for up to 20 full-flight simulators, several flight-training devices, modern computer-equipped classrooms, and computer-based training (CBT) areas for pilots looking to further their education and secure their Boeing type ratings. The Miami campus features composite and structural repair training capability as well.

737 Type Rating Courses

Whether you’re an experienced private pilot looking to become a commercial airline pilot, or a regional airline pilot looking to expand your services to the next level, the aid of our Boeing 737 and 787 training facility can make that happen. Take a look at a few of our training programs below and contact Alliance Aviation today to learn how to enroll.

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