If you are looking to become a pilot for the big commercial airlines in the United States, then Alliance Aviation has a unique opportunity for you. With state-of-the art flight simulators, experienced and qualified training and technicians, and top-of-the line aviation courses, you can receive your commercial pilot training and certifications right here in the United States. Whether you’re an experienced pilot in India or a novice looking for opportunities outside of Qatar, then come to Alliance Aviation. In our blog, we’ll explain the many facets of commercial pilot training, what it takes to be qualified, and how you can learn to become an airline pilot. Stay up to date with our posts and contact us to learn more today.

  1. The History Of Boeing And Commercial Pilot Training

    Boeing is the biggest name in commercial aircraft. Their iconic 737 family is the first aircraft to surpass 10,000 units produced and almost anyone who has flown has been on a Boeing plane. So, how did Boeing become the largest manufacturer of commercial airliners? In today’s blog, we’re going t…Read More

  2. What Can Disqualify You From Becoming A Commercial Pilot?

    Becoming a commercial pilot is an exciting opportunity for many people who find joy in flying. While nearly anyone can get a drivers’ license, a commercial pilot license definitely has some strict stipulations. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some things that might prevent you from becoming a co…Read More

  3. More Qualities That Make for an Outstanding Pilot

    A few months ago, we dedicated a blog to a few of the qualities that make an outstanding pilot. These qualities included a desire to learn, a committed attitude, a strong work ethic, a high level of integrity, and an ability to lead. It goes without saying that not everyone is cut out to be a pilot,…Read More

  4. Put Your Tax Refund Toward Commercial Pilot Training

    Tax Day is just a few days away. Whether you’re an early bird and submitted your information back in January or you’re a procrastinator and have yet to begin the filing process, chances are you’ve already thought about what to do with your refund. While some people will deposit their refund di…Read More

  5. How to Choose a Commercial Flight Training Program

    You’re ready to turn your lifelong passion for aviation into a career. Yes, we’re talking about airline pilot training. But before you begin your search for aviation courses, it’s important to know that not all such programs are the same. Here are five tips for choosing a commercial pilot trai…Read More

  6. A Day in the Life of a Commercial Pilot

    As a frequent flyer, you’ve often wondered about the day-to-day life of an airline pilot. How many flights do they have a day? What do they do on their break? What are their primary responsibilities when they aren’t flying a plane? These are just some of the questions you may have regarding airl…Read More

  7. Qualities That Make for an Outstanding Pilot

    When it comes to becoming a commercial pilot, there is no one “right” type of person to do the job. Commercial pilots are a varied group of individuals, each with unique backgrounds, strengths, and personalities. The number one requirement for becoming a commercial pilot is the desire to do so i…Read More

  8. The Most Common Pilot Errors to Avoid

    How many aircraft accidents would you say are the result of a pilot error? If you guessed more than 75 percent, give yourself a pat on the back. The fact is that if something goes wrong during your flight, there’s a good chance you will be the one at fault. Let’s take a look at some of the most …Read More

  9. Airline Pilot Interview Questions to Know Ahead of Time

    A career as a commercial pilot is well within your grasp. Not only did you complete ground school, but you also got through Systems Integration Training and Full-Flight Simulator Training. You didn’t stop there, though, as you went on to take a flight training program from an FAA-certified organiz…Read More

  10. How To Stand Out As A Commercial Pilot In The Job Hunting Process

    Becoming a commercial pilot can be an extremely rewarding career choice. Not only is it a lucrative field with the ever-growing travel industry, but it is also a wonderful feeling to help people safely arrive to their destination. If you are thinking of becoming a commercial pilot, there are many st…Read More