When it comes to training as a pilot, you will need to undergo countless hours of coursework and, of course, actual flight time. When you are training to become a commercial pilot, you will also need to enroll in type rating training courses. These courses help you learn the specifics about individual aircrafts and allow you to go on to take lucrative jobs with major airlines.

During all the training you will go through, it is vital that you ensure you are mentally and physically healthy. While it is obvious why you don’t want to be battling a case of the flu while you fly, mental health is often overlooked in the fast-paced life of pilots. However, keeping your mind healthy will be equally important as keeping your body in good health. Read on to learn more about how you can keep yourself both physically and mentally healthy during the rigors of pilot training and enroll with Alliance Aviation today to begin your specific type rating training.

Why Your Health Is Important

When it comes to training to become a pilot, it is far from a cakewalk. A lot is demanded of pilots in training. Rigorous hours paired with stressful exams and flight hours can lead to a rapid deterioration of health. Being sick while trying to complete your coursework can become a nightmare. However, it is not just your physical health that will play a vital role in how successful your training goes. All the stress of pilot training can take its toll on your mental and emotional health as well.

Both your physical and mental health are important to allow you to gain the most out of your training and to further your ability to pass exams and complete flight time. Without a strong and steady mind, you can succumb to stress and forget important information you have learned. Without a healthy body, it can become difficult for you to complete important flight hours. Taking care of your health holistically is the key to successful training.

The Connection Between Mental And Physical Health

It is important to note that while physical and mental health play two different but vital roles in your ability to complete your training successfully, they are not two entirely independent things. Instead, your physical and mental health are connected. When one suffers, so does the other. For example, if you become physically ill and you are battling through your classes while dealing with sickness, this can heighten your stress and lead to more anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Conversely, when you battle constant anxiety and stress, your physical health can start to deteriorate rapidly. For this reason, the following health tips are geared towards a holistic approach to your health during training.

Healthy Eating Habits

One of the best ways to take care of your mind and body is to commit to a healthy eating plan. This can be difficult when life becomes hectic and for a pilot, life is almost always hectic. While you are enrolled in type rating training, think of it as more than just technical training. Think of this time as a chance for you to create habits that you carry into your busy life as a commercial pilot. Since pilots have extremely busy schedules with long hours, it is ideal to find the easiest ways possible to eat healthily. You will likely lack the time it takes to create a healthy homecooked meal every single day. Try to implement simple things, such as grabbing fruit to pair with every meal or packaged veggies to utilize as snacks. Avoid eating fast food for every meal, no matter how convenient. Look for prepackaged salads and other on-the-go items that still offer nutritional value. When you do eat out, try to find items on the menu that will promote good health such as a salad with grilled fish. If you need simple grab-and-go breakfast bars, make sure you are choosing ones that are low in sugar and created with as many natural ingredients as possible. While you may not have the time to invest in cooking full-blown meals, there are still plenty of healthy options available even for those lacking extra time.

Getting Adequate Rest

Beyond just eating nutritious meals, getting enough rest will be an important aspect to both your mental and physical health. While your schedule might be hectic, make sure you work towards getting as much sleep as possible. Sleep helps to repair both your mind and body, allowing you to cut down on stress and boost your immune system. Without adequate rest, no amount of healthy eating will make up for the physical toll your body is under.

Cutting Out Bad Habits

It is easy to turn to bad habits when we are stressed. Drinking and smoking can help cut anxiety and provide immediate relief. However, bad habits such as these might work in the immediate moment but will actually lead to further stress on your body. This can create a vicious cycle where you rest less, stress more, and turn to bad habits increasingly. Make sure you monitor your use of alcohol and cut out smoking. This will benefit you in the immediate and long-term future.

Work With A Team That Values Your Health

Here at Alliance Aviation, we offer an array of type rating training courses to help pilots further their careers. While our courses are challenging, they are also run by instructors who care about your well-being. Working with a team that values your health is important both during training and in your future career. Make sure that your health is a priority for anyone you work with.

If you are interested in enrolling in our type rating training courses, reach out to find out what specific classes we offer and how we can help you ensure you stay healthy physically and mentally as you train with our team.