Dallas is the most populous city in North Texas. It’s home to many international companies, boasts many types of industries, and maintains a lower cost of living than cities similar in size, which helps to attract more residents looking for a great place to live and raise a family. Dallas has dozens of colleges, many sports teams, and a cultural and art heritage that is immense.

Alliance Aviation in Dallas has partnered with the Avenger Flight Group to bring you our aviation courses that will help you advance your career. From FAA ATP-CTP to A320 and B737 type rating courses, you will be well prepared to fly most commercial airliners in the skies today. We are an FAA Part 142-approved pilot school, and we’re also SEVP approved for international pilots. Our FAA-approved type rating courses meet the requirements of many countries, including Mexico, India, Columbia, and more. Time in the cockpit, even if it’s just a flight simulator, is crucial when emergencies arise. Staying calm amidst the storm is an invaluable part of our commercial pilot courses.

Overall, Alliance Aviation in Dallas strives to offer you the best type rating courses and ATP-CTP course so you can further focus your commercial pilot career. We pack a lot into our courses so that you can have the most knowledge in convenient pockets of time. As you gain more aviation training, leadership becomes a key component of your growth as a commercial pilot. We train leaders at our aviation courses in Dallas. Alliance Aviation is proud to unite with Avenger Flight Group to provide fully integrated and comprehensive flight training in Dallas. Our Texas-based facility provides pilots with access to state-of-the-art flight simulators, type rating training programs, and more.

Most commercial pilots report that it’s the freedom that the skies offer them that draws them in. Being able to fly whichever way the wind blows and see with the eyes of a bird are the reasons they fly. Experience flight like no one else; enroll today!

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