Alliance Aviation understands that training to be a commercial airline pilot takes dedication, hard work, and time away from your friends and family. However, we do our utmost to maximize your commercial pilot training so you will be well equipped to handle whatever the wind blows your way when flying. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the many benefits of attending our pilot training program. Contact us today for enrollment information!

When you partner with Alliance Aviation for your next aviation course, you can rest assured that you will be thoroughly prepared for the next step in your commercial pilot career. Click below to learn more about each of our airline pilot training locations, and enroll at Alliance Aviation today.

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Top-Notch Instruction

Alliance Aviation only employees the best flight instructors who are all certified in their specialties. They boast years of pilot training and are a wonderful resource to have as you are learning more about commercial airplanes. Most have worked for major airlines and can tell you the ins and outs of what a career as a commercial airline pilot looks like.

Gain Specific Skills

Alliance Aviation offers commercial pilot courses that will help you gain specific skills. For example, if you want to learn more about 737, we offer 737 type rating FAA courses that are specific to 737 planes. These are great aviation courses that will thoroughly prepare you to fly these big jets. From ATP-CTP test training FAA 320 type rating, you’ll learn what you need to know and gain familiarity with these types of commercial airplanes.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Alliance Aviation prides itself in offering the best flight simulators in the business. All of our flight simulators are equipped with the latest in aviation technology, including GPS and ADS-B. Furthermore, our entire facility is designed with your comfort in mind, from USB ports in our lounges and break rooms to being located at major airports where the action is.

Airline Colleagues

Learning from others is a big emphasis here at Alliance Aviation. When you enroll in our commercial pilot courses, you will be in class with other commercial airline pilots who, like you, are looking to take their commercial airline career to the next level. Everyone comes with a unique skill set and knowledge base that you can draw upon as you are learning. It’s also a great place to network and discover new flight opportunities you did not know about previously. In short, continuing your education with our aviation courses can yield you new employment opportunities.


Alliance Aviation, along with our partners at Avenger Flight Group, are happy to provide our integrated airline pilot training to prospective and current pilots throughout North America. With 6 flight training locations in the United States, along with a facility in Mexico City and a new facility in Cancun, we provide unparalleled access to type rating training, ATP-CTP test training, flight simulation integration, and other valuable resources for private pilots, pilot students, and even commercial airlines.

As the largest independent aviation training center, Alliance Aviation takes pride in helping you further your commercial pilot career by offering the best aviation courses. Designed for specific commercial airplanes or certifications, you will be able to focus on what you are interested in learning. Our flight simulators boast the latest technology and will thoroughly prepare you for commercial flight in that particular aircraft. Our flight instructors have years of flight experience and love to impart their knowledge to you. Our training facilities are conveniently located and are designed with comfort in mind.

Whether you’re a local pilot or an international pilot looking for training in the U.S. or aboard, you know that you are getting the very best resources and training available, with more than 70 certified instructors, always at the ready to help you take off on your new, exciting career.

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