1. Tips For Keeping Mentally And Physically Healthy During Pilot Training

    When it comes to training as a pilot, you will need to undergo countless hours of coursework and, of course, actual flight time. When you are training to become a commercial pilot, you will also need to enroll in type rating training courses. These courses help you learn the specifics about individu…Read More

  2. How To Stand Out As A Commercial Pilot In The Job Hunting Process

    Becoming a commercial pilot can be an extremely rewarding career choice. Not only is it a lucrative field with the ever-growing travel industry, but it is also a wonderful feeling to help people safely arrive to their destination. If you are thinking of becoming a commercial pilot, there are many st…Read More

  3. Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Commercial Pilot Training

    Becoming a pilot is a lucrative career choice. With a constant uptick in the number of people traveling by air, a commercial pilot’s license could be your key to success. While it is simple enough to decide that your goal is to become a pilot, achieving this dream requires a lot of hard work. Here…Read More

  4. Top Careers Worth Considering in the Aviation Industry

    The aviation industry is booming. With more people across the world interested in traveling, there are career opportunities galore. Here are just a few worth your consideration: Aircraft manufacturing Tired of a boring desk job? Then you may want to opt for a career in aircraft manufacturing. Whethe…Read More

  5. How to Earn a Commercial Pilot License

    In one of our first posts, we looked at how to become a commercial airline pilot. Medical clearance, proper training, and the necessary certification all come into play. But how does one go about earning their commercial pilot license specifically? Here are the steps to take: Understand the eligibil…Read More

  6. The Difference Between a Private and Commercial Pilot Training Program

    We are often asked about the differences between a private and commercial pilot training program. Not surprisingly, many pilots begin their journey by obtaining a private pilot’s license (PPL). From there, though, what’s the next step? Let’s first define both types of courses. Private Pilot’…Read More

  7. What Makes a Good Pilot?

    So, you want to be a pilot. It’s not a bad idea, especially when you consider the recent growth of the aviation industry. Just know this is a profession that requires the right “stuff.” Think you have what it takes to become an airline pilot? Here are some traits and skills you must have: Clea…Read More

  8. The Top Perks of Being a Commercial Pilot

    You have been a private pilot for years. Now, though, you’re ready to take flight toward the next step in your career. More private pilots are undergoing commercial pilot training now more than ever before. It’s no secret why, either. Here are five perks of being a commercial pilot: Job satisfac…Read More

  9. What To Know About Our Flight Training Programs

    You’ve always wanted to fly planes. But is now really the best time to think about flight training programs? The short answer is yes, as many commercial airlines are in need of pilots. Getting started with aviation training has never been easier. Here at Alliance Aviation, we have specific program…Read More

  10. Frequently Asked Questions About Flight Training

    Are you ready to take flight? Pump the breaks. You must learn how to crawl before you can walk or — in this case — fly. At Alliance Aviation, we provide integrated flight training solutions to prospective international and domestic pilots right here at our Miami flight school. From type rating t…Read More