India DGCA pilots looking for an approved A320 type rating can come to Alliance Aviation for reliable courses in a high-tech atmosphere. Our A320 type rating courses provide the proper training which can help India DGCA pilots earn their certification and qualify to become commercial pilots in the United States.

Course Inclusions as per DGCA Car Effective Oct. 1, 2016:

Jet Introduction-Jet Orientation
This course consists of 12 hours of classroom and 20 hours of A320 VPT training.

Phase 1

  • 11 Days Ground Training
  • 83 Hours of Ground School (Covers Aircraft)
  • Systems, Performance, Weight & Balance
  • Operational Procedures, Pre-Flight Inspection
  • Training, and Systems Integration Training (S.I.T.)
  • 20 Hours of (S.I.T.) Included in Ground School
  • End Course Written Exam End Course Oral
  • Exam

Phase 2 Ground Training

  • 8 Sessions of FFS Training
  • 1 Session Loft
  • 1 Skill Test Day
  • 1 Skill Test Night


  • Local Transportation
  • Visa & TSA
  • DGCA India Paperwork
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