It has been our experience that many low time pilots enrolled in the ATR type rating course has required additional training to achieve proficiency. Thus, in addition to the flight training hours required by the DGCA, Alliance will provide up to 10 additional Full Flight Simulator (FFS) Hours FREE of charge to pilots requiring additional training to meet the completion standards.

Get the skills and training needed to become a commercial pilot and earn an ATR type rating with training from Alliance Aviation.

Course Inclusions:

  • ATR 72 600 Initial Training Program for Holders of India DGCA License

    • Turbo-Prop Induction Training for Type “B” Airplanes
    • 12 Hours of Fix Base Simulator (FBS) Using ATR Simulator
    • 76 Hours of Ground Training That Includes:
      • Systems Training, General Operating Subjects Training Performance, Safety and Emergency Equipment Theoretical Training, Difference Training (Variants -300 – 500), Systems Integrated Training (SIT), Weight and Balance Training, Airplane Performance Training, Pre-Flight Training, Written
    • Exam with a minimum passing grade of 80 percent.
  • Simulator Training

    • 42 Hours (10.5 sessions) of Full Flight Simulator. Each session consists of 2 PF/2PM. Sessions will include Circuits and Landings.
    • 4 Hours LOFT consisting of 2PF/2PM on FFS
    • 4 Hours Skill Test – CA40 Day
    • 4 Hours Skill Test – CA40 Night

    • 7 Hours of Ground Training
    • 8 Hours WBT
    • 12 Hours SIT
    • 20 Hours of FFS ATR72-600

Other Features:

  • Local Transportation Between Facilities
  • VISA & TSA
  • DGCA India Paperwork
  • 10 Additional Full Flight Simulator Hours at NO COST
  • 6 Weeks Of Total Training
  • FAA Endorsement For Qualified Pilots
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