FAA Commercial Pilot Training

Alliance Aviation’s commercial pilot training programs are the leading part of 141 approved accelerated FAA commercial pilot training courses. This course is designed to take a student with zero flight training experience to the Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot license level in as little as six to eight months. The focus of this commercial pilot training course is for the student to first receive a strong foundation in general aviation knowledge. Once proficient in the basics, a more strategic, full immersion program is launched for the student’s particular learning style. The next step is for students to develop their actual flight skills and practice essential safety procedures using real-time simulation in our Frasca Tru Flite and Mentor Level 5 field training devices. This combined scenario-based training with computer-based training allows the prospective pilot the comfort of learning and making mistakes on the ground. This boosts confidence in that they know and can successfully perform procedures and maneuvers before beginning actual flights in the aircraft, saving both time and money during commercial pilot training. Our commercial pilot school mimics that of major airline training, preparing you for the airline from day one.

If you’ve always wanted to become a commercial airline pilot, now is the time. Contact Alliance Aviation to learn more about our courses in Miami. Whether you’re brand new to the flight scene, you’re a private pilot in India looking for a new career, or you’re a regional airline looking for a state-of-the-art commercial pilot training center, Alliance has something for everyone. Learn more and enroll today.

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