Are you ready to take flight?

Then it’s time to consider the best flight school in Miami. At Alliance Aviation, we provide type rating training, instrument training, ATP-CTP training, and a wide range of aviation schooling to better prepare the next wave of commercial pilots.

Still on the fence about flight school? Perhaps you’d just like to know a little bit more about what flight school entails.

In this blog, we’ll take you through just a small sliver of what you can learn at our U.S. flight school. Whether you are looking to earn your initial type rating for a Boeing 737, or you need to stay current on your Airbus A320 type rating, we have the in-depth training programs for you.

We cater to international pilots looking to take flight on a commercial pilot career in the United States. Why? It’s simple: there is a current shortage of airline pilots in the U.S., and there are many pilots throughout the world who have the abilities but lack the proper qualifications to fill those jobs.

At our Miami-based flight school, you’ll earn the training you need in order to become a commercial airline pilot and start an exciting, rewarding career.

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Initial Type Rating Training

In order to earn a job as a commercial pilot, or any type of pilot for that matter, the FAA requires that you first earn a type rating.

What is a type rating? Think of it as a driver’s license for a specific type of plane.

For example, if you are looking to earn your FAA type rating for one of the most popular commercial jets, the Boeing 737, you will first need to undergo the requisite training.

At flight school, you will learn how to operate, maintain, and above all, fly these large commercial airliners.

Our type rating training includes 80 hours of ground school, eight hours of systems integration training, and 36 hours of full flight simulator training.

We partner with Boeing facilities and Avenger Flight Group in order to provide the best, most comprehensive simulation training possible for our students.

Once your type rating training is complete, you will be able to apply and test for your type rating right here at our FAA-approved facility.


Even once you earn your type rating, the schooling doesn’t stop.

Before you can take flight on a new career, you have to earn the FAA’s highest and most comprehensive certificate — an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.

Our ATP-Certificate Training Program, or ATP-CTP for short, preps you for the written exam that is necessary before you are allowed to fly passenger and/or cargo planes for a living.

This comprehensive training program runs for eight days and prepares you for just about everything you need to know.

This is where you will learn advanced navigation concepts, proper safety, weather detection systems, utilize a level 7 flight simulator, and more.

Once you’re finished with the program, you can take your ATP certification exam right on site.

How To Fly

Now that you’ve navigated through the skies of academics, it’s time to learn how to fly. Through the use of our state-of-the-art flight simulators, you will gain the requisite experience in order to take the right tests and, hopefully, earn a job as a commercial airline pilot.

We teach you more than just how to fly — we teach you how to succeed.

If you’re an international pilot, or a U.S. resident, looking for affordable and valuable type rating training in Miami, then you’ve come to the right place.

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