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FAA ATR 42/72 300-500-600 “Prior Experience” – Alliance Training

FAA ATR 42/72 300-500-600 “Prior Experience”


Pilots Previously Qualified on Type as PIC or SIC with a minimum of 250 hours or current within 12 months as PIC or SIC can qualify for the reduce course. Type Rating for the ATR 42/72 . This course leads to a type rating for the specific aircraft type. Completion of the curriculum results in a check, which satisfies the requirement of 14 CFR 61.63 or 61.157 and India DGCA Approved. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS At least a Commercial Pilot certificate with appropriate category and class ratings, and an instrument rating. Previously qualified in the ATR 42/72 as Pilot-In-Command (PIC) or Second-In-Command (SIC). Other pre-requisites may apply. Contact us for further details.