1. Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A Pilot

    So you want to become a pilot? With the current state of the industry — pilot shortages are becoming more and more drastic as passengers all around the globe are clamoring to soar the friendly skies — becoming a commercial pilot is an advantageous career path. But it’s not as easy as submittin…Read More

  2. The Pilot Shortage Is Real. How Can You Land A Job?

    The airline pilot shortage in the United States is real. And with the total amount of passenger air traffic on the rise not just in the United States, but across the globe, it doesn’t seem that the pilot shortage is going to be filled anytime soon. While this can ultimately lead to airlines placin…Read More

  3. Tips For Flying At Night

    Have you ever dreamt of flying at night? Every pilot has at one point or another. From the ground, it seems like a fairly simple, peaceful endeavor to navigate through the stars without the glare of the sun getting in the way. Not to mention, it just seems like a calmer, more wondrous adventure for …Read More

  4. Understanding Pilot Certifications

    Are you hoping to become a pilot? If so, then this is the blog — and this is the pilot training academy — for you. However, becoming a pilot requires more than just knowing the ins and outs of operating an aircraft. In fact, there are dozens of different pilot certifications out there that you w…Read More

  5. How Many Types Of Planes Are There?

    Planes! This is not a warning, it’s merely an exclamation. There are so many different types of planes, that it’s important to understand exactly which types are used by the top commercial airlines in the United States and across the world. How many types of planes are there? Well, there are hun…Read More

  6. What To Know Before Becoming A Pilot

    Has the idea of flight always excited you? Then you’re the ideal candidate. “For what,” you ask? To become a commercial airline pilot. It’s an incredible, rewarding, and lucrative career path which can literally take you around the globe in a matter of days. However, becoming a pilot is not …Read More

  7. Learning The Basics Of Flight Training

    Kids of all ages, from all different backgrounds, and from all around the world dream about taking flight. It’s an invigorating, lucrative, and rewarding career for many reasons — just take a look at our earlier blog for five reasons why you should become a pilot, if it’s something you’re on…Read More

  8. How Can International Pilots Land A Job In The U.S.?

    We hear all the time from India DGCA and other international pilots who are looking to take off on a new adventure and land a job in the United States. Many are wondering if this dream is even possible. Well, Alliance Aviation is here to tell you: it’s more than possible. It’s easily attainable …Read More

  9. 5 Reasons Why You Should Become A Pilot

    In life, there are many different roads you can take. But not many of those paths will let you soar through the sky, high above the gravel, asphalt, and dirt roads that everyone else takes. In fact, there’s only one career which allows you to experience that type of thrill and satisfaction: becomi…Read More

  10. What Is A Type Rating?

    Earning a private or commercial pilot license is the first big step toward achieving the dream of flight. However, if you are aiming to become a commercial airline pilot, you will need to earn a type rating for the specific aircraft which you want to operate. What does that mean, though? Just what i…Read More