Becoming a commercial pilot can be an extremely rewarding career choice. Not only is it a lucrative field with the ever-growing travel industry, but it is also a wonderful feeling to help people safely arrive to their destination. If you are thinking of becoming a commercial pilot, there are many steps you must complete to succeed. From getting your first private pilot certificate to earning a commercial pilot certificate to enrolling in specific type rating courses, you are in for an incredible journey of learning and growing.

If you want to stand out in the industry as a commercial pilot worth hiring by your dream airline, check out these tips for standing out as you begin your job hunt and learn more about how we can help you with commercial pilot training.

Make Sure You Invest In The Best Training

The first thing you will need to do when you are pursuing a job as a commercial pilot is to invest in the best training possible. The better your training, from instrument training to multi-engine training, the better chance you have of landing your dream job. Employers will be looking for pilots that are equipped to competently handle whatever the job throws their way. They will want pilots who have been trained by a well-established school. Make sure that as you invest money in training, you are truly getting the most for your money. Take your time researching aviation courses before you spend your time in any specific school.

Gain As Much Experience As Possible

Not only do you need the proper training to be able to land a job as a commercial pilot, but you will also need as much experience as possible. Airlines obviously prefer someone with numerous hours in the cockpit over someone who has only complete the bare minimum of required fly time. Any chance you have to gain more experience, the better chance you will have of getting the job you want. Look for opportunities to advance yourself, both through jobs, courses, and even volunteer work.

Find A Mentor

Mentors are an invaluable resource for those entering an established field. If you can find someone in the industry to mentor you, you can give yourself a huge career boost. Not only does having a mentor allow you to network with those already in the industry but it also provides you with insight into the business. Find a well respected commercial pilot and work towards building a mentor-mentee relationship with them. Spend time asking questions, learning from their years of experience, and listen to their advice on how you can improve yourself. By opening yourself up to learning more and by listening to someone who has gone before you, you can increase your chances at successfully landing a good gig.

Prepare For The Interview Process

Once you have completed your necessary training and flight hours, it is time to prepare for the interview process. Similar to any job, you will want to practice answers to standard interview questions as well as technical questions specific to the job for which you are applying. This is a great time to speak with your mentor or another currently employed commercial pilot about what to expect from the interview process. This can help you prepare as much as possible for common questions.

Not only should you try to cover the basics of interview questions, but you will also want to think about how you handle the process as a whole. When it comes to hiring a commercial pilot, most airlines will be looking for many of the following qualities:

    • Decisiveness: You will need to be someone who can take action and make decisions as a commercial pilot. Make sure you portray yourself as a go-to decision maker during the interview process.
    • Strong Leadership: Airlines need pilots they can trust to lead their team and to lead it well. Confidence is key during the interview process. Your employer will want to know they can count on you to confidently operate your aircraft while inspiring trust in your employees.
    • Cooperative: While you will need to be a confident and decisive leader, an airline will also be looking for a pilot that can get along well with others. Make sure this quality stands out during your interview process. There is no room for an egotistical hothead in the cockpit.
    • Expertise: Ultimately, your potential employer wants to know you have the knowledge and experience needed to handle whatever any flight throws your way. Make sure you brush up on your studies and display a competent attitude toward technical questions.

Enroll With Alliance Aviation

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