You’re ready to turn your lifelong passion for aviation into a career. Yes, we’re talking about airline pilot training. But before you begin your search for aviation courses, it’s important to know that not all such programs are the same.

Here are five tips for choosing a commercial pilot training program:

Understand the cost

If you’re under the assumption that commercial pilot training is cheap, think again. Those who want to enroll in a flight program must first understand the associated costs, including aircraft rental, insurance, fuel prices, taxes, processing fees, and instructor fees. Regardless of the course you end up choosing, remember that this is an investment.

One more thing we should mention here is that the cost of flight training varies from school to school. While some pilot schools might include an entire cost breakdown upfront, others advertise the rental rate and that’s it. With all this in mind, we recommend researching the cost of commercial pilot training programs so you aren’t completely surprised when the time comes to enroll.

Look into the flight instructor’s experience and credentials

Let’s say you need to hire someone for a home improvement project. We’re guessing you wouldn’t go with just anyone, regardless of the project’s scope. The same idea holds true when it comes to choosing a commercial pilot program.

Sure, it’s one thing for the organization to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. But you’ll also want to know how long the educators have been with the organization, where they learned to fly, how many hours they’ve accrued, and what other students have to say about them.

Here at Alliance Aviation, we only employ the most professional, devoted, and impassioned commercial flight educators. Not only does our team maintain the required aviation certifications, but we’ve been there and done that in the industry. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about our certifications and experience.

Research the organization’s flight programs

Much like at a traditional college or university, training methods are different across the board. While some flight training programs are more adaptable to the class, others follow a strict outline that must be approved in advance by the FAA. Whatever the case, do some research of your own and figure out how the instructor monitors their students as the program progresses.

Alliance Aviation is an easy choice for Airbus pilot training, Boeing 737 Type Rating courses, ATP CTP training programs, ATR Type Rating training, and more. Our instructors understand that what you want out of commercial pilot training is probably a bit different from someone else in the class. Rest easy knowing Alliance has a number of programs to fit your specific needs.

Get an idea of the aircraft’s maintenance program

When your training is all said and done, it won’t matter if the aircraft you trained with was old or new. What does matter, though, is the plane’s maintenance program and logbooks. So before signing on the dotted line, ask the organization to show you the aircraft’s maintenance program.

If they refuse to show you this documentation for some reason, it’s best to walk away and go somewhere else for pilot training. Keep in mind that every training aircraft should be on a maintenance plan with a reputable company. As a potential student, you have every right to ask about recent inspections and any maintenance issues the plane had in the logbook.

Read previous student reviews

This is another big one. A commercial pilot training school can say anything they want regarding credentials, experience, programs, etc. Frankly, though, previous student reviews are what’s going to tell the real story.

We’re thrilled to say that Alliance Aviation has helped countless people across the U.S. achieve their dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot. We encourage you to check out the Alliance Aviation reviews yourself!  

Choose The Best Commercial Pilot Training Organization

Here at Alliance Aviation, we go above and beyond for our students. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot seeking accreditation from another program or you’re a private pilot ready to make the jump into the commercial sector, Alliance Aviation makes the process simple and stress-free. Begin the enrollment process today!