Are you ready to take flight?

Pump the breaks. You must learn how to crawl before you can walk or — in this case — fly.

At Alliance Aviation, we provide integrated flight training solutions to prospective international and domestic pilots right here at our Miami flight school.

From type rating training to ATP-CTP training to initial India DGCA training, our FAA-approved flight school has the expertise and programs necessary to help you take off on the path toward a lucrative and rewarding career as an airline pilot.

But becoming a pilot doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires hundreds upon hundreds of hours of training, studying, and learning everything there is to know about aviation.

It is our goal to prepare the next generation of pilots for what lies ahead — which is why we compiled this helpful resource with questions (and answers) to common questions about flight school.

Before you step into the cockpit, it’s important that you first learn these basics. Keep reading to learn more and visit Alliance Aviation in Miami for more info.

How Can I Become A Pilot?

For many, getting started is the hardest part. Whether or not you have any flight experience whatsoever — perhaps as a private pilot, for instance — will matter to some degree.

If you’re looking to become a pilot for a commercial airline, there are many certifications that you must earn and tests that you must pass.

It all starts with an introductory flight training lesson. From there, the steps include:

  • Earning FAA medical certificate
  • Obtaining FAA student pilot certificate
  • Flight training
  • Private pilot knowledge test
  • Private pilot practical exam
  • Type rating training
  • Type rating exams
  • ATP-CTP training
  • ATP-CTP exam
  • Get a job!

The process requires dedication and a significant investment, but it can all be worth it the first time you take flight. All in all, it can take at least seven months to become a certified commercial pilot.

Learn more about type rating training and ATP-CTP training with Alliance Aviation.

Why Do I Need Flight Training?

Flight training is imperative if you want to become a pilot of any type. At Alliance Aviation, we provide comprehensive, integrated flight training solutions for international and domestic pilots alike.

What do you get with our flight training programs? Simply put, you get all of the experience, knowledge, and operational ability needed to pass the tests and earn your type rating and/or ATP certification.

Our Miami-based flight training programs include:

  • 80+ hours of ground school
  • 20+ hours of systems integration training
  • 36+ hours of full flight simulator training
  • Instruction from industry experts
  • And more

Does A Type Rating Cover Multiple Aircraft?

If you’ve been considering becoming a pilot, then you’ve likely heard the term “type rating” a time or two.

In fact, it’s one of the important certifications that we mentioned above as being required before you can fly commercial planes.

One of the analogies we like to use is to liken a type rating to a driver’s license — only if that driver’s license permitted you to operate just one type of car.

That means you’d need a different license in order to drive a Ford, a Chevy, or any other make of vehicle.

That’s how a type rating works.

So, if you’re interested in flying a Boeing aircraft — which is one of the most common planes used by commercial airlines — then you’d need to earn your Boeing 737 type rating.

But if you wanted to fly one of the luxurious AirBus A320 aircrafts, then you’d need to earn an A320 type rating.

Do Flight Simulators Help With Training?

We’re glad you asked!

Flight simulators are among the most valuable tools in flight training — whether you are looking to become a private pilot, a cargo pilot, or an airline pilot.

Flight simulators help teach you how to operate the aircraft, fly in unpredictable weather conditions, map your route, manage your altitude levels, and more — all without ever getting off the ground.

When it comes to flying an aircraft, it’s certainly true that practice makes perfect. Thanks to our partnership with Avenger Flight Group, Alliance Aviation can now provide our students and clients with access to state-of-the-art flight simulators for top-notch training that you won’t find anywhere else.

Now that you know everything you need to know about flight training, it’s time to get started. Enroll at Alliance Aviation today!