Among our many airline pilot training courses offered at Alliance Aviation is the A330 type rating course for the Airbus 330 aircraft. This course leads to a type rating for the specific A330 aircraft type, which can help prospective airline pilots earn the accreditation they need in order to take off on the career of their dreams. Completion of the curriculum results in a check, which satisfies the requirement of 14 CFR 61.63 or 61.157 and India DGCA Approved.

The A330 Type Rating Course Consists Of:

  • 80 Hours of Ground School
  • 8 Hours of Fix Base Simulator (included in ground school)
  • 36 Hours of Full Flight Simulator


  • At least a current commercial pilot certificate with appropriate category and class ratings, and an instrument rating.
  • Pilots requiring India DGCA Approved Training will, in some cases be subject to additional training
    requirements. Please contact us for specific details.
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